Artemia for sale

  1. Product Introduction

Artemia, which is also named brine shrimps, is spreading all over the salt evaporation pond or salt lake. It has high value of nutrition.

2.Product Feature The eggs of brine shrimps are special because they can be in dormant state for a long time, and they can be dried and packed by cans to sale. Then, they are easy to hatch and become good diets for seedlings, so they are popular in aquatic production. (Artemia salina) 3.Product Storage and Package Our products are packed by vacuum 425g cans and 12 vacuum sealed cans per carton. They are stored in bulk, airtight drums under cold storage conditions. Our quality control standards insure that the products are guaranteed fresh and reach our hatching percentage specifications. 4.FAQ Q: How to judge the products’ hatching rate? A: Usually, Class/hatching rate/hatching efficiency is like this: AA>90% 4 kilogram larva/ per kilogram ovum A>80% 3.5 kilogram larva/ per kilogram ovum B>70% 3 kilogram larva/ per kilogram ovum We are leading manufacturer of artemia, due to excellent quality and competitive price.So our products will let customers relieved. Artemia for sale website: