Spare parts for Linde Pumps and Motors: Notes on order : 1,Linde has a widely range of products,when order the parts, if you need genuine parts Please send us the name plate(badge) photos 2, Our replacements parts are interchangeable with LINDE OEM parts, but if LINDE produced some new parts due to technical modifications, please consult us before placing an order 3,Our pars available on short delivery, but if you get an order from customers, before placing an order with us, Please confirm the delivery time with us in Advance. 4, Genuine parts are supplied from LINDE company in China. 5, Besides spare parts, complete units also available, Some main items we can supply : HPR-02 SERIES HPR75 HPR105 HPR135 HPR160 HPR210 HPR100 HPV55T HPV75 HPV135 HPV165 HPV210 HPV280 HMR-02 SERIES HMR075 HMR105 HMR135 HMR165 HMR210 HMR280 HMV-02 SERIES HMV055 HMV075 HMV105 HMV135 HMV165 HMV210 HMV280 HMF-02 SERIES HMF028 HMF035 HMF050 HMF063 HMF075 HMF105 HMF135 BPV35 BPV50 BPV70 BPV100 PARTS FOR BMV35 BMV55 BMV75 BMV105 BMV135 BMV140 BMF35 BMF55 BMF75 BMF105 BMF186 BMF140 BMF260 B2PV35 B2PV50 BPR50 B2PV75 BPR75 B2PV105 BPR105 B2PV140 MPR63 MPV45 MPV63SPARE PARTS FOR PUMPS AND MOTORS suppliers website: