coal cartridges

Refillable Activated Carbon Filter Pads Cartridge Element Activated carbon is widely used for adsorption of specific components in air streams or gases. Most common use is treatment of air or water to remove trace organics like aromates, pesticides or alcohols. In many cases impregnated carbon filter element is used for the specific removal of toxic gasses or reduction of emissions. The smaller the granule size of carbon , the greater the amount of surface area exposed to contaminated air. Granule size affects first pass removal efficiency capacity and time to breakthrough. The more media and therefore carbon contained in the filter, the longer the time contaminated air is exposed to the carbon adsorbent. Airknow refillable carbon filter cartridge element is made of perforated steel sheet or stainless steel with a 3-point bayonet catch. The carbon filter element can be emptied and refilled with different types of carbon media. Impregnated special Airknow activated carbon is intended to adsorption of gases and vapors which are absorbed very little or not at all by standard activated carbon. If several different contaminants must be separated simultaneously in one and the same installation, a multi-stage filter installation with different impregnated activated carbon units may be the best solution. For efficient utilization of activated carbon ,such factors as air velocity, bed depth and carbon particle size, as well as contact time, must be taken into consideration. Depending on the application of the gas filter, the refillable carbon filter ,activated carbon filter pads and carbon filter series are suitable for the adsorption of many pollutants.coal cartridges website: