Crane Grab price

Product introduction: 10T crane grab is a special tool for cranes to catch dry and bulk cargo. Two or more bucket-shaped jaw plates that can be opened and closed are combined to form a container space. When loading, the jaw plate is closed in the material pile, the material is caught into the material space, and the jaw plate is in the material pile when unloading. It is opened in the upper suspended state, and the materials are scattered on the pile. The opening and closing of the jaw plate is generally controlled by the wire rope of the crane lifting mechanism. Components: QZ type grab bridge crane mainly consists of bridge frame, cart running mechanism, trolley, grab and electrical equipment. Its working level is A6, the ambient working temperature is -20 掳C-40 掳C, and its lifting weight includes grab. weight. This product is a four-stage chamber. Classification: Grab bucket operation has no heavy manual labor, can achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and ensure safety, and is the main dry bulk cargo loading and unloading tool at the port. According to the type of operation cargo, it can be divided into ore grab, coal grab, grain grab, timber grab, etc. Scope of application: 10T crane grab is suitable for loading various bulk cargoes, minerals, coal, gravel, earthwork, etc. in ports, docks, station freight yards, mines, etc. It can also be used in earthwork excavation, foundation and trench excavation, highway construction, rail laying and other projects.The QZ type grab bridge crane is widely used in freight yards, docks, etc. for the transportation of bulk materials.Crane Grab price website: