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Stainless steel beer tanks home wine fermentation tanks Wine fermentation vessel have a 150掳Cone Top , Cylinder Body &5掳Slope Bottom. It is fabricated by certified 304 stainless steel with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. Exterior shell with Dimple Plate Cooling Jacket. All tanks use Tri-clamp connections, inner tank designed pressure is 0.05Mpa and working Pressure is 0.01Mpa. We can custom any tank to meet your brewery鈥檚 space and height restrictions. STANDARD FEATURES 150掳 Cone Top, 5掳Gradient Bottom Exterior Shell with Dimple Cooling Jacket: 304 stainless steel, 2mm thickness Interior Shell: 304 stainless steel, 3mm thickness Top and bottom heads is mirror polish other outside:satin #4 finishing Top round manhole Side rectangular manhole Our Service Pre-sale service: 1.Make the equipment details specifications to customers. 2.We can supply the OEM process,according to the drawings,the samples to customized the beer equipment 3.Layout plan in CAD drawing. 4.The competitive price and the timely delivery After-sale service: 1.Provide the required customs declaration files,timely tracking freight. 2.The equipment main configurations for 3 years warranty time,such as the valves and so on 3.Professional engineers for installation,commissioning,maintenance 4.Directed by executable remote installation(with no experience in beer,equipment installation experience,can also perform operations,please make this clear before custom equipment,we have successful cases) Company Profile: Accurun is a well-known brewing equipment supply company in China which has 30 years brewing experience and ten years manufacturing experience. Our company combines the world鈥檚 most sophisticated brewing technology with economical prices in order to provide our customers with the best equipment at affordable price. Our product line caters to every possible customer in the market: including Brewing Systems, Tanks, and Kegging/bottling/canning machine. Our products range from individual pieces of equipment to complete turn-key systems. Fully committed to the brewing industry, accurun strives to consistently deliver quality products and the very best customer service, we always take customer鈥檚 requirement and satisfaction as our aim. The stainless steel tanks packaging We are grateful that you are interested in our product and thanks for your time . For any query regarding our Beer Brewery Equipment, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to support you !Wine Tank manufacturers website: