Ashing Furnace manufacturers Product Specification Ash oven AF1100E is energy efficient programmable ash oven with a chamber volume of 2 liters, while cavity size can be customized according to demand. Ash oven AF1100E has a maximum temperature up to 1100 degrees and can be applied for laboratory and industry use. Ash oven AF1100E is also easy to operate and process repeatable. Product Properties Ash oven AF1100E features gas exhaust monitoring system for real time ashing display. Ash oven AF1100E has built-in airflow control system to reduce fumes and heat. Ash oven AF1100E has over temperature protection to prevent microwave magnetron damage and furnace door shut down sensor for safety control. Ash oven AF1100E is controlled by a 40 segments digital controller. ParametersAF1100E powervoltage220V卤10V, 50Hz electric heating power2kW microwave systemmicrowave output power0.10 to 1.40kW, continuously adjustable microwave frequency2.45GHz microwave leakage preventionmicrowave leakage intensity < 2mW/cm2 temperature control systemworking temperature0 to 950掳C chamber size (L脳W脳H)140 脳 140 脳 70mm temperature measurement devicethermocouple temperature measurement range0 to 1100掳C temperature control precisionreadout 卤0.1% control systemPLC + touch screendata storage and export fumes controlair intake and fume exhaust control dimensionfurnace body (L脳W脳H)ca. 750 脳 550 脳 650mm Applications AF1100E has a wide range of applications such as dry ashing, ash content determination, sulphate ashing, food ashing, plastics ashing, coal ashing. biomass testing and ceramics debindering etc.Ashing Furnace manufacturers website: