Anti Fogging Face Shield

Product Description Customized Full Face Protective Shield Visor DIY with Your Own Favorite Stickers for Women Men Product Name:Customized face shield Product Type:Outdoor Tools Effect:Effectively isolates fog, waterproof and dustproof Material:Recyclable transparent PET Place of Origin:California United States Use Occasion:School, Restaurant, Flight, Dog Walking, Social distance, and Outdoor Activities. Our Services 1. White-Label (Unlabeled) Products Most Finished Products come packaged in lots of 50. Therefore, you can purchase 50 units at a time of product that comes packaged in a bottle, but with no label. 2. Private-Label Products Want to build your own brand? We can Private-Label certain products. The minimum amount is 100 units per SKU. Simply give us your logo and we will handle the rest. The end result is a shelf-ready retail product with your brand. 3. Samples We understand that without samples you cannot make a purchasing decision. We receive hundreds of inquiries per day, and because of this we do sell samples. Serious buyers do not mind paying for samples and our samples hold a lot of value at their face value. 4. Custom Formulations Interested in a custom formula? No problem. Utilizing our in-house R&D lab, we can develop any type of formula you need. 5. AMAZON - FBA We have 5-year experiece in working with Amazon sellers and are well noted all the packing requirements of FBA shipmentsAnti Fogging Face Shield website: